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Get the plugin

Go to the plugin page in the Figma Community and click "Try it out". It's free!

Figma try it out button
Add to your Figma file

In your Figma file, click on the icon (or press Shift-I). Navigate to plugins and run Frontender. You're ready to go!

Figma run plugin
Tips for quick access

In that same menu, click on the Frontender plugin name (not Run) to open the plugin details. Click on ···, then Save, to always have quick access to Frontender.

To access Frontender even faster, press Ctrl‑P (Windows) or Command‑P (Mac) and type Frontender to quickly launch the plugin.

Figma save plugin
Jeroen Riemens
Made with love by @jeroenmakes. Frontender is a product of Webbie, Wolvenplein 25, Utrecht, The Netherlands (registration 53931459).