The Figma plugin that writes front-end code.

Frontender is your personal junior developer. Try it today.

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JSX with Tailwind
Converts Figma designs into:
Works with frameworks like Next and React (JSX), Vue and Svelte (HTML).
Frontender - A smart Figma plugin that writes front-end code 🪄 | Product Hunt
"A game-changing tool for designers looking to streamline their workflow."
"Being a front-end developer, I must say this plugin is the greatest I've ever seen."
"Love this product - generates crazy accurate results!"
Your front-end assistant

Select any layer in Figma, and Frontender will convert it to front-end code. It's like having a personal junior developer, always available.

Works with any Figma file

Frontender does not depend on autolayout or well-organized layers. It figures out order, hierarchy and meaning – even for messy files.

Knows CSS & Tailwind inside and out

Frontender understands CSS, but also Tailwind extremely well. It can use arbitrary values, or even find the closest value in the config.

Custom config support

Do you work with a custom Tailwind config? Just paste it in Frontender, and watch how it writes production-ready code using your custom classes.

Try it right now in Figma

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Jeroen Riemens
Made with love by @jeroenmakes. Frontender is a product of Webbie, Wolvenplein 25, Utrecht, The Netherlands (registration 53931459).